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Datalink is a tool intended to provide Roblox Developers with critical & detailed analysis surrounding both Player & Game state & data in a Roblox Experience.

Product Summary

Datalink will provide a suite of interfaces which help to destinguish and expose information regarding state, health, mobility, player data + more. A portion of what we have planned is listed below:

  • Game/Experience State
    • State is defined by the contextual agreement surrounding a servers ability to perform, allow users to join, remove and update datastores.
    • For example, The State field could include:
      • Servers Per Hour, Day, Month, Annum

  • Game/Experience Health
    • Health is defined by how much CPU, Memory, Processing Time is being taken up by the server.
    • Additionally, we can look further and provide feedback regarding player crashing rates, reproduction steps on how these players might of crashed and potential fixes if any are common.

  • Data
    • Data includes all kinds of information regading the places inside of your Roblox Experience.
    • Custom Developer Events will also be counted under this field, as we are unable to process specifics in your events.

  • So, so much more!
    • We're still yet and looking into providing so much more which'll help improve the scalability of your experience!
    • Some other examples of what we're planning to ship datalink including:
      • Fast/Feature Flags
      • DataStore, MemoryStore & MessagingService wrappers
      • Game Event Controllers
      • Live information flow

With the above in mind, we would also love to hear your feedback and what you have to say!

Getting Started

LuaU Software Development Kit (SDK)

The LuaU SDK is designed to simplify the process of uploading & manipulating the Datalink service, it's advised you stick with using this service


The RESTful API is the backend to the Datalink service, if you've chosen to write your own wrapper/module for the Datalink service, then taking advantage of these APIs will be of interest.